Code of Ethics 

Our Promise to Clients and Candidates

We advocate for both the employer and the candidate, with the best interest of both parties at the forefront. We will NEVER attempt to broker a placement that truly isn't a fit for both parties, simply for the sake of commission. 


We know recruiting has an image problem and we are working hard to address that.

Our Promise to Employers 

ITG will provide a clear and concise depiction of candidate qualifications.


ITG will work closely with our clients/ employers to represent their individual brand, compensation packages and environments accurately.

Our Promise to Candidates 

ITG will not send your resume to employers without your consent.

ITG will not pressure candidates to apply for opportunities.

ITG will not pressure candidates to accept an offer of employment.


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Main Phone: 1-844-232-7366

Marianne Leslie EXT. 701

Leslie Lake EXT. 700

Dawn Cole EXT. 704

Suite 2201, 250 Yonge Street,

Toronto, ON M5B 2L7

British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec


Main Phone: 1-844-232-7366

Elaine Kinsella: EXT. 703


Leslie Lake: EXT. 700

Local agent: Serena Lang 604-229-2172

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