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Building relationships with our clients is the foundation of what we do. ITG strives not only to match the right candidate to the job qualifications, we take pride in helping you find the right individual for the environment. We work closely with hiring managers in order to grasp the key factors of the position, the needs of the organization, and the corporate culture.  With 30 years combined experience working in the industry ourselves, we know the factors that are critical to placing the right individual with your company go beyond qualifications – we screen for attitude, passion, personality – factors you can’t see on a resume.

Great talent is out there - waiting for the right move.

A comprehensive evaluation process is conducted with all candidates and we ensure that we select only the individuals best suited for postings. During the screening process, we not only evaluate the candidates’ experience, but we go further and determine personality type, work style, career goals  - even office environment preferences. These are all factors that lend to finding talent that is CAPABLE of doing job well, but more importantly leads to finding team members who are dedicated, loyal and buy-in to your company’s mission.

We can tailor your search to seek out specific skills such as experience with specific software, language skills, or clerical efficiency. Leslie and Marianne personally conduct reference checks for every placement and criminal background checks are able to be arranged where required.

ITG works with all industry partners and place talent with Insurers, Brokerages, TPAs and industry suppliers. With diligence and integrity we will work closely with your organization to assist in your hiring needs.

Contact Leslie or Marianne to discuss your organization’s needs. Already have a job posting? Attach it using the link below. We look forward to working with you.

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