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Main Phone: 1-844-232-7366

Marianne Leslie EXT. 701

Leslie Lake EXT. 700

Melisa Jones : EXT. 702

Dawn Cole EXT. 704

Suite 2201, 250 Yonge Street,

Toronto, ON M5B 2L7

British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec


Main Phone: 1-844-232-7366

Elaine Kinsella: EXT. 703


Leslie Lake: EXT. 700

Local agent: Serena Lang 604-229-2172

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The Future Is Bright

 COVID -19.  We  Remain Open - Working Virtually. Physical locations closed.

ITG has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and continues to observe Health Canada’s recommendations.  Our priority is the continued safety of our customers and colleagues.

Public health officials continue to advise that social distancing is the most effective strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  As a precautionary measure, ITG physical locations are now closed to the public. This is a temporary measure, and we wish to assure you that ITG service remain fully operational while we are working offsite. ITG will remain in constant contact with our business partners to navigate through the rapidly changing landscape and ensure that interviews will be conducted via telephone or online to ensure the safety of our community. 

We understand the needs of our business partners and job seekers are different and we will continue to provide our service where needed.   If you have any questions please call 1-844-232-7366.

Insurance Talent Group 

As the landscape of the insurance industry continues to change, ITG has evolved the recruiting process to ensure we match the most capable Industry Professionals with the right employers.  Get it right the first time with ITG!  We are experts in Property & Casualty, Life and Health, Claims & Restoration recruiting.


ITG does not send your resume to employers without your  consent.
ITG does not put  pressure on candidates to apply for opportunities.  
ITG does not discourage you from working with other recruiters and in fact we encourage it!
ITG does not pressure candidates to Accept an Offer of Employment. 

About Us 

Relationships are the foundation of a great career. We really get to know our clients to get a clear picture of who you’re looking for and work diligently to find the right fit for your organization. ITG connects with talent at all levels of experience and career goals.

Combined, we have over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry. Real experience as brokers and underwriters before finding a passion in talent acquisition. Real experience that gives us a solid understanding of what the industry needs. We respond to the changing landscape of the insurance industry and strive to place the right people in the right places.

Insurance Jobs. Insurance Careers. Whether you’re a candidate or an employer seeking the best talent, ITG’s recruiters are ready to talk about your next move.

Leslie Lake

Former insurance broker; current recruiter; wife; mother; entrepreneur; professional mingler; cottage country aficionado; BlackBerry advocate.



Marianne Leslie

Prior underwriter, current recruiter, wife, mom to one, university grad, varsity rower, wine taster, coffee connoisseur, runner and half-marathoner, literary buff, and NCAA basketball groupie.

Melisa Jones
Insurance recruiter; seafood and wine lover; easily distracted by anything that sparkles, sarcastic, die-hard Leafs fan!  

Elaine Kinsella

Insurance  recruiter; with a combined over 15 years staffing and insurance related experience. Elaine is also an expert world traveler! Because of Elaine's experience out West, Elaine is primarily focused on ITG's recruiting efforts in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.

Dawn Cole

Dawn joins ITG to recruit highly sought medically trained and/or experienced professionals into the Insurance industry. With recruiting experience and 10 years as a registered nurse working in trauma,private practice and government outreaches, Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge to Insurance Talent Group. Dawn connects previously experienced health care workers with new and exciting Insurance job opportunities.